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Vitamin D and COVID-19

There has finally been more press on Vitamin D (and other nutrients) for supporting the immune system and its benefits re: COVID-19. A physicians group in Canada specifically recommends Vitamin D3, zinc, and Vitamin C to help protect seniors from COVID-19. Vitamin deficiencies make everyone vulnerable to infection, not just seniors, although seniors do tend to have lower levels. More studies have been coming out on Vitamin D and risk of death from COVID-19. Vitamin D helps protect you from respiratory infections and it appears COVID-19 is not an exception.

As my colleague says: There is a huge gap between “wash your hands/social distancing” and ending up in a hospital. Naturopathic medicine fills this gap.

So contact your doctor about getting your Vitamin D levels tested so you can find out what an optimal dose of Vitamin D is for you to help protect yourself during this pandemic.

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