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Below you will find some comments patients have about our sessions together:

I really appreciate the way you pay attention, explain things and help the patients out. The way you are helping me – whether it is in how I live on a day to day basis or on how I should prepare for a long trip or on what to do if I run into issues – all of these done in a calm and caring manner – makes the long drives I make to get to your clinic worthwhile. Words can only go so far – I am more than happy to have found you. The way you work is an inspiration for me.

Vanda was excellent at listening to my issues and uncovering the subtle details of my symptoms. Her treatments were very effective. I especially appreciated her explanations and follow up.

I have never known another doctor to offer or do homework to provide a patient with more information. Dr. Huang is very strong in educating her patients so that they can “co-own” and drive their own health.

She is great at providing knowledge about natural medicine, I am willing to share with her my problems since I trust what she says. She has a genuine way of offering good advice without being preachy. She helps me realize things about myself and is easy to be around.

Vanda’s depth of medical knowledge and attentive acupuncture technique has been essential to the improvement of my health and wellness over the last three months. I am always impressed with the expediency with which she researches and answers my questions and am grateful for the positive impact she has made in my life.

For the last 15 years I have had chronic congestion, light cough and sinus pain. With Vanda’s medical guidance, acupuncture and herbal application, I saw an 80% improvement in the first two months. I look forward to acupuncture with Vanda for continued improvements in wellness.

Dr. Huang empathizes and sympathizes well, not only listening without interrupting but also providing excellent feedback and insight for improvement. She is creative and boundaryless in her approach to solutions.

Vanda is genuine and nonjudgmental. I feel that she allows me to be me, without questioning or judging. She doesn’t question my choices and by doing so supports me as an independent autonomous human being. Her needling technique is great – you know that feeling when someone goes a little too deep and it hurts, but if they take it out just a bit, it’s better? That never happens – I feel like she gets where you’re supposed to and then leaves it – correctly.