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Naturopathic Medicine

~ botanical formulas
~ nutritional supplementation
~ diet analysis

~ lifestyle counseling
~ functional lab testing
~ bodywork

Chinese Medicine

~ Classical Chinese acupuncture
~ Japanese-style (Kiiko) acupuncture
~ shiatsu

~ cupping
~ Chinese herbs
~ gua sha

We use a specific combination of the above therapies based on your individual case. Have you ever noticed how one person’s headache can differ from another’s? Maybe yours is in your temples and your coworker’s is in the back of his head. Or how when some people get sick they always develop sinus problems whereas you tend to get a cough because it usually goes straight to your chest?

Everyone is different, everyone responds to disease differently. Even though two people may seemingly have the same disease, they may need two completely different treatments. There is no one thing that will work for everyone. This is why at Flowing Health we offer multiple therapies from both Western and Eastern medicine which will provide you with a more individualized, effective treatment plan.

In 2022, Flowing Health relocated to Ballard. We are excited to be working with Ballard Wellness Clinic to support your journey to optimal health!

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