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To make an appointment, call 206.635.7704 or email office@flowinghealth.org. We do our best to return your call within 3 business days. For quicker response, please email or text. Thank you!

Feel free to email any questions to us but please do not send any personal health information over email due to HIPAA regulations. You can see our email policy for patients below.

NOTE: If you would like us to bill your health insurance for your first appointment for acupuncture or naturopathic medicine, you must bring in the Questions for your Health Insurance Company form with all the questions filled out, along with your health insurance card.

Please fill out the intake form and informed consent before your first appointment. We request that you complete these forms before coming to the clinic to minimize time in the waiting room due to social distancing measures. You can find a copy of the standard HIPAA/notice of privacy practices here for you to review. 


1) As of May 18, 2020, we will require that you fill out a screening/consent form due to COVID-19 either the morning of your appointment or right before your appointment. If you answer YES to any of the first 4 questions, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date. Based on Jay Inslee’s latest proclamation, if you answer NO to the middle section we strongly recommend you postpone your in-person appointment for the time being. You may fill out the COVID-19 form at the clinic but please complete the intake form beforehand to minimize time in the waiting room due to social distancing measures.

2) Please remember to bring your mask as you must wear one in the clinic at all times (a cloth mask is fine).

Our clinic is taking as many precautions as possible to lower the risk of infection but the risk is still there unfortunately. Thank you for being understanding during this era of COVID-19.

Dr. Vanda Huang is in Ballard on Tuesdays and Thursdays at:

Ballard Wellness Clinic ~ 6204 8th Ave NW ~ Seattle, WA 98107

To schedule with me at Ballard Wellness, please email office@flowinghealth.org or call 206.635.7704. For quicker response, please email or text.

Typically street parking on 62nd St is not too bad.

EMAIL POLICY NOTICE FOR PATIENTS: Our office is limiting communication with patients via email due to HIPAA regulations. We know that email can be extremely convenient but due to lack of end to end encryption, it is not HIPAA compliant—there is always a risk that other parties may read any personal health information you send or receive via email.

As an alternative to email you may call (206.635.7704) or fax the office (206.649.8045) as those options are considered more secure (according to HIPAA). Keep in mind that you may be charged a fee as per our phone policy. You can also consider scheduling a telemed appt.

Please note that due to limited office hours, it may take up to 3 business days before Dr. Huang will be able to reply to your message/fax. Our office does not provide 24/7 coverage and we understand that this may not work for some patients. For those of you who require more immediate response, it may be in your best interest to consider establishing care with a naturopath who provides 24/7 call or an MD who is hooked into the hospital system and can be paged for a quicker response.