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Cold, flu and coronavirus

The immunologist Heather Zwickey, PhD has a short recording on coronavirus/COVID-19 you can find at Natural Medicine Journal. Some of the highlights include the following: Coronaviruses have been around for a long time and they typically show up as mild colds. But this recent coronavirus, COVID-19, is more similar to SARS and MERS. It’s fairly contagious but not as contagious as measles (for every one person with COVID-19 about two people get infected. For measles, 18 would get infected). Because it spreads by respiratory droplets, handwashing does work for preventing infection. COVID-19 affects the elderly with pre-existing conditions the most. It does have an affinity for the lower lungs so people with COPD are especially vulnerable to pneumonia from this. We don’t have total control over being exposed to viruses such as COVID-19. But we do have control over strengthening our immune system and making ourselves less susceptible to infection. Find out ways to do so on our resources page where you can find a handout on Naturopathic Immune Support for Cold and Flu.

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