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More than 25 rounds of antibiotics over a 17 year span

likely doubles your risk for breast cancer. 25 sounds like a lot but some people take 3-4 rounds a year for frequent sinus infections, urinary tract infections, strep throat or ear infections. The more antibiotic prescriptions you fill, the higher your risk. Oddly, at the time the study came out, the director of public health sciences at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer research center said he did not know why this correlation existed. But there is at least one clear mechanism at play here that I can see which involves beta-glucuronidase. So make sure to take your probiotics. And be very picky as to when and why you take antibiotics. If you are having repeated infections, have your doctor dig deeper and figure out why they keep recurring instead of writing yet another prescription for antibiotics.



Your food cravings are not random…

they’re likely stemming from your body’s desire for specific vitamins and minerals. Bookatable has this great chart showing what vitamin or mineral you might need if you have a certain craving and a healthy alternative to satiate that urge.

Battle negative thinking

with a 2 minute distraction. According to Guy Winch, one of the most harmful psychological habits we have is rumination. How many of us obsess over the past or worry about the future? How many of us can’t stop our racing minds? It takes practice to conquer our tendency to stew in negative thoughts. One way to practice is to choose a 2 minute distraction to resist the urge to ruminate. Go for a walk, play on your phone, pet your dog…I found this fun one the other day: weavesilk. Mental health takes just as much (if not more) work than physical health. Make a list of your favorite things to take your mind off upsetting thoughts so you have them handy and over time choosing to put your focus on the positive will get easier.