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~ Health Information ~

Great resource for news and research on the impact of the environment on your health here.

Enter in the state you live in and the time of the year for a list of seasonal local produce here.

Up to date news on food, the environment and social justice covering issues from the FDA and cloned meat to cell phone use in children here.

Find restaurants in your area that serve organic food, grocery stores that sell organic meat and your local farmer’s market here.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides information on threats to health and the environment here.

EWG has two excellent resources. One has a listing of 43 foods from highest pesticide load to the lowest.

The second is a cosmetic safety database where you can look up any product, ingredient or brand name whether it is deodorant, toothpaste or bubble bath and find out how toxic it is.

Updates on pollutants and hormone disruption affecting fertility, humans and wildlife.