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Love this Breathing Mix

by Uncle Harry’s Natural Products. I always put a few drops on my scarf before I get on a plane. Find it here. You can also find it at their storefront in Redmond or at the Mount Vernon Co-op.

5 different types of ADHD

What’s interesting about Chinese Medicine is that even if 5 people all have sore throats, each person could get a completely different treatment. Not all sore throats are the same. The same goes for ADHD. Dr. Stephen Cowan wrote a wonderful book on the different types of ADHD you will find in children based on their 5 element constitution. It illustrates beautifully how important it is to treat people individually and why medications won’t always work-not everyone’s type of ADHD is the same. I developed a 5 element ADHD questionnaire based on his book you can find here. The first answers of each section correspond to the element wood, the 2nd fire, 3rd earth, 4th metal and the 5th water. read more

Do you practice emotional first-aid?

Washington state recently implemented a new law requiring that all providers take a suicide prevention training course. Apparently some doctors were not happy with this new requirement…especially anesthesiologists. And sure enough, while I was taking the course, I noticed the anesthesiologists in the class doing crossword puzzles. I completely understand that in their field, they will not have the chance to use the suicide screening tools with their patients but as a member of society, as a human being in a community, I would still think this is very valuable info. So much so, a version of it should be taught in high schools as part of health class; learning how to deal with psychic/emotional pain and supporting others around you who are suffering from it are tools we should all be learning from a young age. read more